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Mudslides Close CO 67 South of Deckers

Wednesday, July 26th, 2006

If you’re thinking of riding in the Deckers area you need to be aware that CO 67 south of Deckers to Woodland Park has been closed and will remain closed for several months. This is an area that was hit hard by forest fires a couple years ago, so when we had heavy rains a couple weeks ago the denuded hillsides just slid. The road was totally washed out in several places and will need to be completely rebuilt.

You can still get to Deckers, however–just not from the south. You can come in on CO 67 from Sedalia or along CO 126 from Pine Junction. As a day ride from Denver that loop is not a bad ride at all.

I’ll put up another posting once the road reopens.

Trip Routes You Might Consider

Monday, July 24th, 2006

A rider coming to Winter Park, CO, from Louisiana asked a question about routes. Here is the answer I gave him. He will be coming into Colorado over Raton Pass.

Unless you need to make time, get off the interstate as soon as you can. You could get off at Trinidad and loop over Cuchara Pass, then go west on US 160 over La Veta Pass, swing up past the Great Sand Dunes National Monument, and then head north to Poncha Springs and Buena Vista. From Buena Vista you could either go to Fairplay and over Hoosier Pass or go through Leadville and over Fremont Pass, either way reaching I-70. Then go east on I-70 to where US 40 branches off and goes over Berthoud Pass and down into Winter Park.

If you want to get there more directly but still have time to get off the interstate a bit, leave I-25 at Colorado Springs and go up US 24 to South Park over Wilkerson Pass, then head toward Buena Vista and follow the previous directions.

Once you reach Winter Park there are all sorts of possibilities. Take a look at for all sorts of options.