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I Can’t Believe You Found Me Here

Thursday, October 5th, 2006

Out of curiousity I just spent the last 45 minutes searching around on Technorati to see what motorcycle blogs I could find. Gradually I narrowed my search down to the key words “motorcycle touring Colorado,” because that is what this site is all about. What I found is amazing, and distressing as well. In the first 10 pages of results, 100 results, I found five actual blog posts and all the rest were blogspam. And of those five, three were finally found on the 10th page.

Which leads me to the question, how in the world did you find me here? Seriously, if you’re reading this I would very much appreciate your replying and answering that question for me. With 95 percent of “blog” posting that show up on Technorati being spam, it makes searching in the blogosphere nearly useless.