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On The Road At STAR 2012

Monday, June 25th, 2012

Independence Pass is a natural destination when your starting point is Avon.

Day Two of STAR 2012 and I went riding, along with just about everybody else here. “Here” is Avon, where the Motorcycle Sport Touring Association (MSTA) is holding its annual rendezvous, with STAR standing for “Sport Touring Association Rendezvous.” This is the 30th year for the event.

Approximately 400 people from across the country are here and these folks came to ride. None of this strolling down main street checking out booths of farkles or black leather, or doing some hardcore drinking at bars with semi-naked waitresses. No, this is not Sturgis. Heck, there’s hardly any leather to be seen here. It’s all textile, and most of these folks are serious ATGATT people.

And what they came here for is to ride. Hang around the headquarters hotel in the day and there aren’t too many people there. The garage where the bikes are parked is nearly empty. Come evening, though, it’s social hour and time to compare notes on the day’s ride.

Come here alone, not knowing anyone, as I did, and it’s easy to find someone to ride with. Just walk around and start talking to people, ask where they’re headed, and if it sounds good, just say, “Hey, do you mind if I come with you?” I don’t think anybody says no. Though you do want to make sure the group is into your style of riding. Considering that many of these people came a long way in a short period of time, that gives you a hint that some are into hard, fast riding. If that’s not your style, keep looking.

STAR 2012 goes on until Thursday, though I won’t be here for all of it. Now, if I had come 1,000 miles I’m sure I would stay, but when it was only an easy 100 miles to get here, you’re not as committed. But it’s sure nice to get away into the mountains for a few days.

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Motorcycle Tourers to Colorado in 2012

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

In 2010 I had hopes of getting down to the Motorcycle Sport Touring Association‘s (MSTA) annual gathering that was being held in New Mexico that year, but other commitments stood in the way. The group is helping me out a bit this coming year now, as they just announced that STAR 2012 will be held here in Colorado, in Avon. I’ve got it on my calendar and I bet a lot are loading up their bikes on their truck bed (check this FB profile to learn more about those truck ramps) right now to transport their precious lifestyle toys there. I just hope nothing else ends up being scheduled at that same time that would prevent me from going.

STAR 2012 logoI’m not as well acquainted with the MSTA as I’d like to be. Motorcycle touring is my big thing and heck, I ride a Kawasaki Concours–an out-and-out sport-touring bike. But my only experience with the group to date was when we hosted Chuck Davis, who at that time produced the group’s newsletter, on his way to Taos for STAR 2010. Chuck found us via the Motorcycle Travel Network, which is a group that you ought to look into if you like to travel inexpensively on your bike and like meeting other riders around the country. Chuck tried to entice me to head on down with him, and I would have were it not for the aforementioned prior engagements.

The center for the gathering will be the Christie Lodge, in Avon, which is right off the highway there at the Avon exit. And this is the group’s 30th anniversary gathering, so they’re promising that it will be extra special. It will run June 24 to June 28. Basic registration is $45, but you can also write a bigger check if you want to receive a copy of the group picture, T-shirts, raffle tickets, and a lot of other things. Plus, if you sign up in advance and are not and have not been an MSTA member for at least five years you’ll get a free one-year MSTA membership. A standard one-year membership runs $35.

What do you get for your membership? Honestly, I don’t know for sure. Hopefully I’ll be able to tell you more as this thing draws nearer. As of right now, I’ve got my calendar marked.

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