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motorcycle parking only

This is the kind of sign you want to see.

My Mom is turning 90 soon and we’re planning to take her to the beach down in South Carolina. Arrangements have all been made but I was very interested to see in the reservation confirmation for the hotel we’re staying at that they’re a little picky about their clientele.

In the description of the unit we’re renting there are some no-nos: non smoking / two car parking / no motorcycles / RVs / boats / etc.

OK, I understand non smoking. I can see that RVs might take up too much space in the slots they have marked out, although they might specifically designate some larger spots for those. And I understand boats because then you’d probably end up parking your car in another space. Besides, that’s what marinas are for.

But no motorcycles? Really, why? If Judy and I showed up on the Concours you wouldn’t let us park? It’s not like we would be taking up a lot of space. I assume it’s the noise of some bikes and it’s just easier to issue a blanket prohibition rather than say no loud bikes. Jerks.

It’s too late to change plans; the money has been paid. So just in case you’re heading to Myrtle Beach anytime soon, let me just advise you that you may want to avoid the Beach Club at Windy Hill–they’re the jerks.

Which breathes new life into my efforts on this website to provide a listing of biker-friendly motels and hotels in Colorado. I had been thinking recently that it maybe wasn’t all that much of a service because it seems like everyone accepts bikers happily these days. Well, I guess not everybody. It’s good to get a wake-up call now and then.

If you’re going to be traveling in Colorado and want to be sure you’re welcome, the list is a good place to start. Every one of those places either contacted me to ask to be listed as biker-friendly or else I have stayed there or someone else has stayed there and found them to be welcoming to bikers. They’re not all great; I’ve panned a couple, but they were biker-friendly nonetheless. I put places on the list for no charge, so if you have some you think should be added please send me the information. And I’ll also point out that I have two advertisers who actually pay money to get their promotions in front of motorcyclists, so you know they’re biker-friendly: the Hotchkiss Inn, in Hotchkiss, and the Rabbit Ears Motel, in Steamboat Springs.

Meanwhile, I think I’ll have a few words with the management of this place in Myrtle Beach when I get there. If it’s an interesting discussion I’ll tell you about it afterward.

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