Hang Up And Drive!

Don't use your cellphone while driving

Hang up and drive!

I was cruising up I-225 on Sunday, in the middle lane, and came up behind a car that was going significantly slower than the rest of traffic as well as the speed limit. As I got closer I saw he was also wandering in and out of his lane.

Pulling up closer behind him I could see something in his hand up at the top of the steering wheel. When I deemed it safe I pulled around him and as I passed I looked. He had the steering wheel in his left hand and that same hand was holding his cellphone. With his right hand he was either punching in a phone number or texting or who knows what. I motioned for him to hang it up but of course he didn’t see me. He wasn’t seeing any of the other traffic around him, he was looking at his goddamn phone!

Now you might think this was some kid who didn’t know any better, but he wasn’t. This was a guy with gray hair and a salt and pepper beard. And he could not have been any more clueless. I was just glad that I was now ahead of him and on a bike that could leave him in the dust. What is wrong with these assholes?

We had this discussion a couple years ago while out on the OFMC annual trip and I found it very interesting that Bill said he was confident that he could drive safely while talking on his cellphone. Bill, of course, is one of the older guys. It was Brett, one of the younger guys, who quickly replied, “Everyone thinks other people can’t drive safely while using their cellphone but they think they can.”

Well, here’s what I say. No one has any business using their cellphone while they’re driving. No one. Not you. Not your buddy. Not me, although I can honestly say I never have because I don’t own a cellphone.

Just hang up and drive.

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