Any Excuse To Ride

Widder Plug

Who knew this was a totally non-standard plug?

I talked about needing a battery cord to be able to use my electric vest on my sorta new Suzuki V-Strom; it was a beautiful weekend, let’s go shopping.

Sure, I could have called and asked, “Hey, do you have a Widder cord for an electric vest?” but that would have been cheating. I’ll just ride over and see.

So I went to BMW of Denver, knowing that they have sold Widder equipment in the past. Heck, I’ve bought Widder gear there in the past.

I also know, however, that Widder went out of business some years ago, but someone else has picked up their line. Surely they’ll have it in stock.


I also checked out Grand Prix Motorsports because they have a large inventory and I knew they carried electrics. Nope. Nobody carries that stuff any more.

My fall-back position was to go to Radio Shack and get the individual pieces and make my own cord. Surely this plug that Widder used (see photo above) is a standard item. And gosh, I’ll probably save money doing it this way anyway.

Wrong. The guy at Radio Shack had never seen a plug like that, and it certainly wasn’t standard.

Hey, at least I was out riding on a gorgeous day in November.

But I still need that cord. What to do?

Oh yeah, there’s this thing called the Internet. Seek and ye shall find. It turns out I was right about someone having picked up the Widder line, but who do you suppose that would be? Would you have guessed the Iron Butt Association? Yes, indeed. They sell everything you’ll need to keep your Widder gear operational through their IBA eStore.

And you know what else? I apparently knew this at one time–like probably the last time I needed something–because when I registered I got a message saying this email address was already registered; did I need them to send me my password? Yeah, I guess so.

So fine. The cord, this pig-tail thing that connects to the battery posts and then plugs into the cord going to the vest, is on its way. Maybe next time I’ll remember. But hey, I got out and did some riding on a wonderful fall day. Who can argue with that?

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