A Woman Riding Her Own

motorcycle trailer

The bike and everything she owns in a Jeep and a trailer.

Women who ride motorcycles really do seem to be a breed of their own. Guys who ride are just guys who ride–nothing all that special about us. But for women it’s different.

I’ve know plenty of women who do ride and the latest one I’ve met was Carolyn, who stayed with us a couple days via the Motorcycle Travel Network. She arrived in a Jeep pulling a trailer with her 950cc Star cruiser and everything else in the world that she owns. Seriously.

The thing is, though, she just got that Jeep and trailer about a week before she came here. For a little more than a year before that she had been on the road just on the bike. About 27,000 miles of travel.

motorcycle helmet with fall in back

Why bother with long hair when you can just attach it to the back of your helmet.

I can’t give you her whole bio because she didn’t really volunteer a whole lot and we didn’t want to snoop. Plus, if she had gone into detail I’m not sure she would want me telling the world about it all here. But she basically decided sometime more than a year ago to kiss everything good-bye and go hit the road. She gave away almost everything and put the few things she kept in storage. And took off.

Of course she has had some interesting experiences. There was that Air BnB guy who, after letting her in the place she was renting from him, backed into her bike, knocking it over, and left in a hurry. Carolyn is not big, and the bike kind of is big, so she was fortunate that a fellow down the street saw it all and helped her get the bike back upright. He also signed a sworn statement about the mishap but even with that she had to fight with the insurance company for six months before she got reimbursed for her expenses.

Other than him, the great bulk of people she has encountered have been super nice. She was a little lonely being all by herself at Christmas time but that was the worst of it.

Now that she has the trailer and the Jeep it is proving to be a challenge of its own. She’s kind of wishing she was back on just the bike. She hadn’t figured out the tie-downs for the bike in the trailer and I wasn’t much help because I don’t have a lot of that kind of experience. But the morning she left here she went out without asking for assistance, got it all to work somehow, and was on her way. She’s got a lot of spunk.

Biker Quote for Today

My Prince Charming won’t be galloping up on a white stallion. He will be cruising up on a Harley!


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